IT Systems & Project Management

High performance and expertise
to bring value for business
Strategic objectives and focus.

Innovative services: Project Management & IT Systems

Infrastructure Virtualisation

Data Storage, IT systems, applications. Complete management of systems and resources. Access your resources from different platform anywhere anytime.

Collaboration Solutions

Become Collaborative and mobile
Seamlessly incorporate third party services into your network and securely access data:
Allow employees, customers, partners and others to quickly find the right data to make business decisions and collaborate.
Deliver easy, but secure access to critical systems and data via the cloud from any device.
Improve user interface experience to make it easier for customers and partners to work with you..


Deliver services more effectively by quickly mobilizing people, processes and technologies.
Free up valuable in-house IT staff for more strategic work, while getting better control of both resources and outcomes.

The Northumberland Technologies Difference

We are focused on listening closely to our customers to offer them the communications platform, project management systems for businesses. Our strong customer orientation is the driving force behind our evolution and desire to add a human touch behind the technology.

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